Corpi Elettrici: a special project by Gender Bender as part of “Così Sarà! La città che vogliamo”

Starting from May, Corpi Elettrici kicks off. This is a new special project by Gender Bender for the year 2020, and it was created together with Bologna’s G.B. Martini Conservatory. This is an educational and creative process that offers a possibility of collaboration between the students of the Conservatory and the members of the M_I_N_E group, and it will lead to the creation of a series of videos in which the dialogue between the languages of dance and music will be essential.

Corpi Elettrici was born in this period of social distancing, due to the health emergency linked to Covid19, which resulted in work difficulties for those who work in the world of live entertainment and culture. For this reason, it was a challenge to imagine and create new ways of teaching and learning, and to collaborate from a distance; in order to build creativity networks and acknowledge the value of the artistic work of young professionals.

The M_I_N_E group participates in the project bringing the experience of young dance-makers who have decided to work together looking for shared poetics, while enhancing individual personalities. The members of the M_I_N_E group are Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Siro Guglielmi, Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis and Silvia Sisto.

As for the conservatory, the event will count with the participation of 22 students from the courses of Applied Music and Electroacoustic Music, coordinated by their professor Daniela Cattivelli, musician, composer and performer.

Corpi Elettrici is part of Così Sarà! La città che vogliamo, sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna, created by the Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation, funded by the European Union – European Social Fund, as part of the Progetto Operativo Nazionale Città Metropolitana (National operational programme “Metropolitan cities”) 2014-2020.