ORGANIZATION OF ITALIAN LGBTQ FESTIVALS: Official statement and solidarity with the show business

March 28, 2020


Official statement and solidarity with the show business


On 2018, a coordinating initiative was created in order to organize the Italian LGBTQ film festivals. The following parties singed up:


Bari International Gender Film Festival – Bari

Florence Queer Festival – Florence

Gender Bender – Bologna

Festival Mix Milano – Milan

Immaginaria International Film Festival of Lesbians & Other Rebellious Women  – Rome

ORLANDO identities, relations, possibilities – Bergamo

Sardinia Queer Film Festival – Cagliari

Sicilia Queer filmfest – Palermo

Some Prefer Cake Bologna Lesbian Film Festival – Bologna.


For the first time, as part of a thirty-year-long cultural history, 9 national festivals that work on the field decided to work together to plan mutual support actions, which we will develop in the future as part of a network. 

A team effort, previously unseen in Italy, that is able to establish common goals and create common projects, while keeping every participant’s autonomy.

The current health emergency has a profound and important impact on our personal and professional lives, which puts our projects and the ones of the artists with whom we work at serious risk.

This group of Italian LGBTQ film festivals has decided to work together in an even more supportive way to share strategies and resources with which to face the emergency jointly.

We express our solidarity with our colleagues who work in the field of culture and arts, a field that is significantly affected by a strong and substantial precariousness.

We are individuals and organizations with different stories and pasts, however we are united by the idea that there is a future in cultural actions and by a constant commitment so that the cinematographic culture continues to enrich itself with the stories and characters that belong to the varied world that revolves around the differences related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Over the years, these actions have been able to deal with society changes by widening its gaze towards new cinematographic territories, expressing unorthodox, opposing and unconventional opinions by using poetics and different languages.

The decision to work together was born from the need to compare ourselves in a responsible way, with regard to the cultural and social changes that have appeared in recent years, by using the activities of our festivals. Over the years, in fact, we have introduced new topics in films that were distributed nationally and now we recognize ourselves precisely in a formula that combines film culture with opportunities to build communities.

We are witnessing a rapid and profound transformation of the ways in which cinema is produced and consumed, and a transformation of the ways in which people get together, just as the life of LGBTQ people has changed in recent years also thanks to the conquest of some rights which were previously denied and to an ever greater diffusion of political, social and cultural activism.

We feel the need to reflect together on these changes, to lay the foundation for a project to start working again in the future; a project that is more effective in finding possible answers to the needs of our communities and new audiences, but also answers to the needs of the work of film directors and the entire film production and distribution system