M_I_N_E is 2020’s winner of DNAppunti coreografici’s support

We are glad to announce that VENUS_esercizi per un manifesto poetico has been chosen by the panel of experts, composed of John AshfordValentina Tibaldi and Salvo Lombardo, as the choreography idea which will be awarded with 2020’s DNAppunti coreografici’s support. This is an idea by the M_I_N_E group, which is composed by Siro Guglielmi, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis e Silvia Sisto.

The winning project was chosen for the following reasons:

“The audacity of choosing a group creation, the creation of an ensemble even if the dance system rewards smaller productions, with one or two dancers (mainly because of economic reasons), the idea’s inventiveness, in which there is the risk that some references might turn into copies of the work of well-known choreographers. However, those references, which consist in reinterpretations and reenactments, are an important part of today’s choreography field. 


Furthermore, the panel felt that, beyond the message that was intended to be communicated through the dance, between the creators of the choreography project there was a strong need to be together, the willingness to share ideas, . 

You may find all the information on DNAppunti Coreografici’s website, by cicking here