The Program of Gender Bender’s
21° edition is now out!

Performing Gender – Dancing In Your Shoes

A dance project involving 8 European Countries,
led by Gender Bender and Il Cassero LGBTI+ Center

Teatro Arcobaleno

A unique educational project in Italy aimed at 
infants, teenagers, families and teachers

20 years of festival, events and special projects about cultural imagery on the body, gender and identity

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 Here’s the 21st edition’s trailer!

ph: Stanislav Dobak

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Gender Bender is Teatro Arcobaleno

Discover the workshops by Teatro Arcobaleno

Teatro Arcobaleno, the project for children and teenagers that the Gender Bender Festival organizes together with a large network of partners in Italy, is back. For the 2022/2023 school year, the program offers a wide range of free workshops about movement, dance and body practices for students and teachers. 

ph. Anna Kushnirenko
Gender Bender is Performing Gender


Performing Gender – Dancing In Your Shoes is a dance project that aims to develop a link between culture professionals and some local communities through a discussion on gender in the European dance system. The project involves 8 European countries, led by the Gender Bender Festival and Il Cassero LGBTI+ Center. 

Past editions

The festival has been held annually in Bologna since 2003 and passes through many places in the city, scheduling events in theatres, cinemas, libraries and auditoriums, clubs and associations, squares and open-air venues.

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