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Corpi Elettrici is the new special project by Gender Bender for the year 2020, and it was created together with Bologna’s G.B. Martini Conservatory. This is an educational and creative process that offered a possibility of collaboration between the students of the Conservatory and the members of the M_I_N_E group by mixing together the languages of dance and music and it leaded to the creation of a series of videos uploaded on Gender Bender’s social networks during the month of June 2020. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration established in the months of lockdown, the short video choreographies of Corpi Elettrici turned into a live show event on the occasion of the 18th edition of Gender Bender.

Corpi Elettrici is part of Così Sarà! La città che vogliamo, sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna, created by the Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation, funded by the European Union – European Social Fund, as part of the Programma Operativo Nazionale Città Metropolitane (National operational programme “Metropolitan cities”) 2014-2020.



Corpi Elettrici was born in this period of social distancing, due to the health emergency linked to Covid19, which resulted in work difficulties for those who work in the world of live entertainment and culture. For this reason, it was a challenge to imagine and create new ways of teaching and learning, and to collaborate from a distance; in order to build creativity networks and acknowledge the value of the artistic work of young professionals.

The performers of Collettivo MINE shared three intense months of research with the students of the Electronic Music School of the Conservatory. An educational and creative journey consisting of an artistic exchange and a mix of disciplines that has led to a dialogue between the languages of dance and music. In this way, they created 20 short video choreographies, that were published in June 2020.

The short videos can be watched on Gender Bender’s social networks. 



DANZAdiSTANZA – Music and dance in Corpi Elettrici’s virtual room is the title of a report by Giulio Sonno, dramaturg and editor-in-chief od Paper Street. He wrote an article about the project after following the entire process of research and the exchange between performers and students: 

Corpi Elettrici has progressively developed a strange kind of art that can be contagious, an art that unintentionally reflects and holds the doubts that have arisen from the pandemic: shall we expose ourselves to others or shall we stay in our comfort zones?[…] If the lockdown changed dreams and hopes, directing life towards a purely material direction, in order to watch the final products of Corpi elettrici, it will be necessary to go on the opposite direction: it will be necessary to watch them against the light, see the underground life in them, that which cannot be seen but which is still there. By doing so, the voices of household items, news broadcasts, birds, atmospheric conditions, and faraway planets turns into the breath of the impulses that are able to bring to life the faraway echo of desires, abstractions, conceptions, and memories. They are pieces of lives and bodies that have a hard time showing themselves completely, something keeps them from doing so, something gets in their way; it causes delay and hides it. However this means that this totality is not denied, it was rather modified, it will not be found here and now, but over a broader range of time, a time which is less worried about the certainties, confirmation and truth: a rediscovered time, a time for reiterative findings[…] That virtual room did not replace, nor could replace, the value of a direct experience, where everyone is next to each other, but it demonstrated that there is a possibility that hadn’t really been taken into account, maybe because of the hustle or because of economic reasons: the possibility of giving oneself time to listen when you don’t have an answer, to stop hiding behind a role,  a public image or the expectation for a certain result; the possibility to discover that, at the end of the day, the biggest limit is the one that, knowingly or unknowingly, we impose to ourselves and to those around us. In fact, in this way we can determine the real extent of our actions“.

Read the full article >DANZAdiSTANZA – Music and dance in Corpi Elettrici’s virtual room



Thanks to the fruitful collaboration established in the months of lockdown, the short video choreographies of Corpi Elettrici turn into a live show event on the occasion of the 18th edition of Gender Bender. The choreographers of Collettivo MINE resume the project carried out during the quarantine months and take to the stage the works created together with the students of the Electronic Music and Applied Music courses of Bologna’s G.B. Martini Conservatory. On the stage, they will present a compilation with a choral structure that was created following the common thread that characterizes the company: working together in an attempt to find a common poetics, while highlighting individual personalities.


A project curated by:

Daniele Del Pozzo and Mauro Meneghelli, artistic directors of Gender Bender Festival

Daniela Cattivelli and Damiano Meacci, professor of the Bologna conservatory “G. B. Martini”.

Monitor of the process: Giulio Sonno

Editing: Fabio Fiandrini

Press Office: Anahí Dworniczak

Digital strategy: Marco Obino and Valentina Pederiva


Music compositions:

Ladan Abedini, Gioele Billi, Dario Boschi, Biagio Cavallo, Lorenza Ceregini, Alessandro Cherubini, Simone Domizi, Vicky Koushiappa, Marco Melilli, Marco Menditto, Cristian Albani, Maele Allorio, Pier Francesco Amadei, Mitjia Bichon, Salvatore Bovalina, Yuri Casali, Matteo Davoli, Olmo Frabetti, Alireza Farajan Hamed e William Succi.


Choreographies and performances:

Collettivo MINE: Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Siro Guglielmi, Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis e Silvia Sisto.





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