Clamorous. Cassero: 40 years being loud

Book presentation with the editors of La Falla

with LIS interpreter

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A collection of articles celebrating the history of the first forty years of the Cassero LGBTI+ Center featuring memories, people and places that have given life to the association and the LGBT+ movements in Bologna. This new concept, created by La Falla, is a story told by different individuals that presents memories that connect the past to the present and imagines the future of the Italian LGBT+ community, by introducing some of the historical projects that have been implemented by the association (Gender Bender is one of them). It is also a project that criticizes ableism and addresses different topics such as gender education and fat queer activism.

LIS interpreter will be present at the presentation

28 giugno1982. Il sindaco Renato Zangheri, per la prima volta in Italia, assegna una struttura pubblica, il Cassero di Porta Saragozza, ad una associazione omosessuale. La sede dell'Arci Gay nazionale rimarrà al cassero fino al 2002, per poi trasferirsi alla Salara, edificio restaurato dell'antico porto di Bologna Festa danzante nel Cassero di Porta Saragozza Archivio Studio FN Paolo Ferrari

About the authors

La Falla is the newspaper conceived and created by the volunteers of the Cassero LGBTI+ Centre, a club committed to the recognition of the rights of intersex, trans*, bisexual, lesbian, gay and all other identities in our colourful world. It was founded in December 2014 as a newspaper registered with the Court of Bologna, distributed in Bologna with a circulation of 2,500 copies. The printed Falla turned into an online newspaper after the 2020 pandemic. Clamorosə marks the first return to print in a fabulous new format.

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