Published on18 Jan 2023

Teatro Arcobaleno: all the workshops for the 2022-2023 season

80 free movement and dance workshops have started in 13 schools for about 500 students, teachers and families.


The new year starts off with the right energy! 

In fact, Teatro Arcobaleno workshops in schools have started: 80 free movement and dance workshops in 13 schools for about 500 students, teachers and families.

The workshops are designed specifically for various age groups, from ages 4 to 18, and in some cases for their teachers. The classes are taught by six young and experienced choreographers:

  • Marco D’Agostin
  • Nicola Galli
  • Lara Guidetti
  • Camilla Monga
  • Daniele Ninarello e Mariella Popolla
  • Stefania Tansini

The goal of these workshops is to exercise the freedom of self-expression and the dialogue between different personalities. Furthermore, these activities will try to enhance positive group dynamics, so as to provide examples of happy coexistence that are also useful when trying to overcome isolation and bullying.

The project aims to invite the new generations (and those who stand by their side during their education process) to welcome the many forms of diversity in our society, considering them a positive value for human richness.

Teatro Arcobaleno’s workshops are funded by the National Operational Program “Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020” and the European Social Fund as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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