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Full ensemble reading of Tra le rose e le viole. La storia e le storie di travestiti e transessuali (Between roses and violet. The history and the stories of transvestite and transsexual people) by Porpora Marcasciano

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ph Margherita Caprilli

Choral reading of the book Tra le rose e le viole by Porpora Marcasciano, Italian transgender writer and historical activist. Marcasciano starts with herself and her comrades to talk about and, in this way pass on, the history of individual and collective struggles, of those movements that make claims for rights, in a work that features interviews and memoirs, irony and social criticism. The reading session is led by Fiorenza Menni, actress and author, and it is the result of a series of group workshop sessions. During the reading session, the audience will be able to move freely, rest while listening, and stop wherever and whenever they want.

During the reading, between the first chapters of the book, there will be a talk by Porpora Marcasciano, author of the book.

Dates for this event:

13/09/2022 – H 17.00
– Alchemilla
ph Margherita Caprilli
ph Margherita Caprilli

Ateliersi is an organisation that works in the field of performing and theatrical arts, dealing with artistic creation and curating the cultural programming of Atelier Sì in Bologna. Ateliersi’s artistic creation consists of theatrical works with original dramaturgy and artistic interventions in which the performative gesture enters into organic dialogue with anthropology, literature, musical production and the visual arts. An anthropological approach to art characterised by an attraction for otherness, a predilection for cultural evolution as an object of study, the development of the contextual dimension and the experimentation of interdisciplinary practices.

Fiorenza Menni is an actress and theatre author. Her writing is aimed at creating an original dramaturgy, the result of constant research into content and form on the basis of philosophical studies and reflections in the field of art. Together with Andrea Mochi Sismondi, he creates plays for Ateliersi.  She is involved in actor training by proposing work paths that tend to train the contextual and sentimental precision of interpretation using the materials of her own path and research.   

Porpora Marcasciano is a militant activist in liberation movements from the 1970s to the present. Among the founders of the MIT (Trans Identity Movement) of which she is Honorary President. Sociologist, writer, storyteller. She has published Tra le rose e le viole, la storia e le storie di travestiti e transessuali, Manifestolibri (2002) and reprinted with Alegre Ed. 2020; Favolose Narranti, storie di transessuali, Manifestolibri (2008); Elementi di Critica Trans, Manifestolibri (2010); Antologaia, vivere sognando e non sognare di vivere, i miei anni settanta, Alegre (2016); L’aurora delle trans cattive storie sguardi e vissuti della mia generazione transgender, Alegre Ed. (2018). She has also participated in several collective publications on the topic of gender identity.

AN EVENT BYfiorenza menni
WITHAlberto Arista, Simona Barilari, Marica Bisacchi, Simona Brighetti, Alessandro Cafiso, Eugenia Delbue, Monica Garuti, Andrea Gazzoni, Margherita Kay Budillon, Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta, Francesca Lico, Caterina Miglietta, Laura Pizzirani, Emilio Ricciardi, Luce Santambrogio, Emilia Verginelli
WITH THE SUPPORT OFfondazione del monte di bologna e ravenna

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