Am I

A show by Michael Getman with Talia Paz
(Israel, 50 min.)
National Premiere

2 shows for this event
Nadia Perlov

In this brilliant solo, the physical and mental changes of advancing age are brought to the stage with extraordinary irony by Israeli performer Talia Paz, who reinterprets her personal repertoire of the past two decades by adapting those ideas and movements to her current feelings. The deconstruction of gestures and words generates a new paradoxical horizon pervaded by the tension between the desire for power and the desire for abandonment; a colorful show that goes from tragedy to comedy. With punctuality and lightness, Am I shows the portrait of a woman who is constantly analyzing the awareness of her body’s limitations and the willingness to overcome them.

The 21/09 performance is followed by a conversation with the artist in dialogue with Rossella Mazzaglia

Dates for this event:

21/09/2022 – H 21.00
22/09/2022 – H 19.00
Asia skorik

Michael Getman is an Israeli-born choreographer and performer. He curiously examines the relationship between our bodily actions, cognitive responses, subjective experiences and the ability to respond to the constant demands of experience with a range of emotions. As a dancer, he has performed for various choreographers and has been developing his own work and choreographic structure since 2007, touring at various national and international venues and festivals. He received the choreography prize at the international choreography competition: Cross Connection Ballet (Denmark) and the choreography competition No Ballet (Germany). He continues his artistic research and choreographic exploration by collaborating with various artists from theatre, dance, music, literature and visual arts.

Talia Paz was born in New York and trained in Israel and the Netherlands. She has danced with Batsheva Dance Company, Scapino Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and DV8 (The Cost of Living 2003 European Tour). Her diverse repertoire includes works by famous international choreographers. She has won numerous awards in Europe and Israel. Talia is currently artistic director of the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts – Faculty of Arts. She teaches ballet and repertoire dance, performs and participates in various events around the world.

Rossella Mazzaglia teaches Disciplines of Performance at the University of Bologna. She has worked on contemporary dance, performance in urban contexts and social theatre. Her publications on dance include the monographs Virgilio Sieni. Archeologia di un pensiero coreografico; Danza e Spazio. The Metamorphosis of Contemporary Artistic Experience; Judson Dance Theatre. Dance and Counterculture in 1960s America; (with Adriana Polveroni), Trisha Brown. The Invention of Space; Trisha Brown.

ChoreographyMichael getman
Performer and artistic collaboratortalia paz
sound designmichael getman, gal hochberg
Light designofer laufer / amir castro
costumestalia paz, omri albo
International communicationkatherina vasiliadis
Oren Mansura
Oren Mansura
Nadia Perlov
Asia skorik

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